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Would you like to sell your games and game accessories? This is the place to do so.

Artist Alley

The Play Unconventionally Exhibit Hall will consist of a series of streaming channels featuring gameplay and promoting the games being pitched. Games will be sold through our Shopify site at ShopUnconventionally.com. You may list as many games and accessories as you like for sale at no charge. We ask you to refrain from including promo cards and other small, loose items that may pose a challenge for shipping and handling. We are limiting the video presentations to one game per publisher, but that game may include expansions and accessories.

We require that the publisher provide two copies of anything they wish to be shown on camera no later than May 1, 2020. We are working on an exhibitor packet that covers how and where to send these products.

The Area Coordinator for the Exhibit Hall is Matt Holden.

IGA will retain a small percentage of sales made through the virtual exhibit hall to cover credit card processing and other fees associated with maintaining the shop. 10% of all sales will also be donated to the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund to aid those in the gaming community who have been more heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. All final percentages will be included in the exhibitor packet; you may choose to opt out of exhibiting at that time with no penalty if you wish.

We are currently searching for a fulfillment partner to aid us in consolidating and shipping orders. At the worst case scenario, we will need to do individual shipments and charge the buyer accordingly, but we are hoping to avoid this. Our challenge thus far has been that most of the fulfillment organizations we have reached out to are currently shut down due to the pandemic. We are hopeful to have more information on this front soon as the global situation stabilizes somewhat.

Publishers are requested to spend at least a few hours per show day in the #exhibit-hall channel on our Discord server, providing customer support and answering questions. We ask that you provide your Discord ID in this form so that we can identify your account as an exhibitor. Need help creating a Discord account or finding your Discord ID?

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