Hey, thanks!

In order to present the largest number of games to our virtual exhibit hall attendees, we're going to need all the help we can get streaming games during the convention. This is a fantastic opportunity to build your own viewership and help out the tabletop industry when it needs you the most.

We will hold a streamer draft in late April to select games and time slots. Preference for a given game will be given to streamers who already have and are familiar with the games being sold. Please be mindful of your ability to get a group together given the current restrictions on travel and so forth due to the pandemic response effort.

We are hoping to maintain as interactive an experience as possible, so only live streaming is being considered at this time. Please consider designating a member of your group to monitor the Discord channel to engage with the community during your stream(s).

If you are interested in streaming exhibitor games during Play Unconventionally, please email the Exhibit Hall Area Coordinator at support@indiegamealliance.com. Also, please join our convention Discord for the latest updates.