Press Kit

The following materials have been provided to aid members of the press interested in covering Play Unconventionally 2020. Additionally, there is a #press-room channel in the Discord server for inquiries.

About Play Unconventionally

Play Unconventionally 2020 is an entirely free, entirely virtual tabletop gaming convention experience hosted by the Indie Game Alliance (IGA). In light of the uncertainty surrounding conventioneering and other marketing opportunities for tabletop games in the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic, IGA seeks to bring a little bit of the fun, and a few of the business opportunities, back to the tabletop community.

This is IGA's first time organizing a convention of any kind, let alone a virtual one. We have attended many, many shows, but this is certainly a different experience for us. We are not expecting King Lear, but we're hoping to avoid Macbeth. We are very much outside our comfort zone, but a guild isn't just about offering services, it's also about providing support to their members when times are tough. Play Unconventionally is our best effort to do just that on behalf of the indie tabletop game publishing industry.

Important Links

  • Play Unconventionally Discord Server
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  • Indie Game Alliance's Media Kit
  • Play Unconventionally Logo Kit

  • Press Contact

    Matt Holden
    Executive Director, Indie Game Alliance